Locking pill organizer, child resistant medication lock box, senior friendly drug lock box

Prevent Accidental Poisoning of Children. Secure Your Rx Prescription Medications in a Pill Pod 7 Day Secure - locking pill organizer.

Rx Opioids and Heroin Addiction: A National Epidemic

Abuse of prescription drugs/opiates is at epidemic levels and fueling heroin addictions in our nation. More people die of opiate overdoses each year than in car crashes. Teens, housekeepers, contractors, hotel maids, or casual visitors can potentially be searching your medicine cabinets - looking for something to steal and "get high" or sell on the streets. Unsecured pharmaceutical drugs can be stolen from a patient’s room in nursing homes or long term health care facilities in just seconds. When was the last time you took count of, or kept track of, the left over Rx drugs and cough syrup left in your medicine cabinet? Would you recognize it if some of your pills went missing? Unsecured Rx drugs in the home can be just as lethal a loaded weapon. Pill Pod 7 Day Secure locking pill organizer is an effective deterrent to help prevent easy, unrestricted access to your medications. California law, Assembly Bill No. 2859, requires pharmacies that dispense Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances to display and have available drug lock boxes. Pill Pod child-resistant pill organizer qualifies as a locking storage container / medication lock box that can be offered to meet this requirement. It can accommodate several medication vials.

Unsecured Pill Organizers Contribute to Accidental Poisoning

Unsecured pill organizers and vials left out in the open can lead to accidental poisoning of children. Nothing is ever child proof, but now you can conveniently store and access your medications while at the same time have peace of mind. Current child resistant packaging, on its own, is not sufficient enough to protect our kids from harm. A study (from watchdog group Safe Kids) found that in a group of 4 year olds tested, each child could open at least one medication bottle from a variety selected - some within seconds. Medications are the leading cause of poisoning in children where 9 out of 10 occur in the home. Pill minders / organizers are a major contributor to this problem. None are child proof and can easily be accessed when left on kitchen counters or dining room tables. More than 60,000 children end up in an ER each year due to accessing medicine while an adult was not looking. Pill Pod 7 Day Secure provides is a locking pill organizer, child-resistant and senior friendly solution and includes a high quality extra-large pill organizer to help protect young children from accidental poisoning.

Legalization of Marijuana: Poisoning Risk for Children

Changes in laws regarding medical and recreational marijuana have created an entirely new set of health and safety problems. Children are finding their way into unsecured marijuana, or cannabis edibles. These highly potent edibles (laced into chocolate, gummies, cookies, etc.), can poison children resulting in trips to the ER. Colorado hospitals have seen a spike in children under the age of five being treated in emergency rooms due to ingestion of edibles. In response, the cannabis industry has taken some measures to provide various forms of child-resistant packaging. However, like CR Rx drug vials, the security features are not fully effective in keeping older children and teens out. How would a young child know that gummies, discreetly placed on a cabinet shelf, might have a potent dose of THC? Regardless of people’s views, any responsible parent should keep stored cannabis products locked away in their homes in a medication lock box- for their children’s safety. Pill Pod 7 Day Secure locking pill organizer provides a responsible child resistant solution as a drug lock box