Med Manager XL

About the Product:

  • You Deserve Quality –Not Cheap Junk! Extra Large Pill Organizer, 7 Day, High Quality, Durable, Plenty of Capacity to Help You Manage a Week of Meds, 4 Times-a-Day Dosage Compartments, Holds 9 Fish Oil
  • Each Pill Box Has Four Separate Lids with Durable Ball and Socket Hinge Design Providing Long Product Life, Opens Fully for Easy/Fast Filling, XL Pill Holder Compartments with Capacity for 9 Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamins, Dietary Supplements, and Meds
  • Pill Reminder has Embossed Lettering & Will Never Fade, Wear, or Rub Off; Closed Canister Keeps Air Out & Pills Fresh
  • Pill Planner Lids Close Securely to Prevent Spills; Compact, Take a Daily Container On the Go
  • Space Saving Countertop Weekly Pill Organizer Stores Neatly on Kitchen Counters, Night Stands, and More. Discreet Canister Included Matches Home Decors

You’ll Love the Features of Our Space-Saving Extra Large Pill Organizer!

STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY replacing cheap pill boxes that break after limited use!

Our 7 Day Med Manager XL will provide you with a long useful product life and has design features that we know you’ll love. Included are 7 extra-large daily pill holders (SUN-SAT) that store in a space saving countertop canister. Four XL sized compartments – MORN, NOON, EVE, BED (see images for sizes). This pill organizer is intended for persons requiring greater storage capacity for dietary supplements and medications. Compact, convenient, and easy to use.

• ✔ QUALITY – Low cost pill reminders have lids with “living hinges” that crack and break after a short amount of use. Our lids are separate parts that connect with durable ball and socket hinge features. Our weekly pill organizer will have a long useful life, save you money over time, and help the environment by keeping plastic out of landfills.

• ✔ DURABILITY  – Large embossed lettering, molded directly into the parts indicating day and dosage times, will last years of hand washing. No risk of printed ink wearing off – typical in lower quality pill boxes.

• ✔  EASE OF USE – Filling the compartments is quick and easy with lids that swing open fully and stay out of your way.

• ✔ RELIABILITY – With lower cost pill planners, the lids don’t fasten securely. Our lids have a positive closure and reliably stay shut. Feel confident taking them on the go – in your purse or pack – as they are less likely to accidentally spill open. Stored in our covered canister, meds and vitamins will stay fresher longer with minimal exposure to air and humidity.

• ✔ SAFETY – Manufactured with BPA, Phthalate, and Lead Free virgin materials. Our medication boxes use food grade polypropylene.

Quality, Durability, and Convenience are what you’ll find when you purchase the 7-Day MED Manager XL.