Med Manager XL-Extra Large Pill Organizer

About the Product:

  • You Deserve Quality –Not Cheap Junk! Extra Large Pill Organizer, 7 Day, High Quality, Durable, Plenty of Capacity to Help You Manage a Week of Meds, 4 Times-a-Day Dosage Compartments, Holds 9 Fish Oil
  • Each Pill Box Has Four Separate Lids with Durable Ball and Socket Hinge Design Providing Long Product Life, Opens Fully for Easy/Fast Filling, XL Pill Holder Compartments with Capacity for 9 Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamins, Dietary Supplements, and Meds
  • Pill Reminder has Embossed Lettering & Will Never Fade, Wear, or Rub Off; Closed Canister Keeps Air Out & Pills Fresh
  • Pill Planner Lids Close Securely to Prevent Spills; Compact, Take a Daily Container On the Go
  • Space Saving Countertop Weekly Pill Organizer Stores Neatly on Kitchen Counters, Night Stands, and More. Discreet Canister Included Matches Home Decors

You’ll Love the Features of Our Space-Saving Extra Large Pill Organizer!

STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY replacing cheap pill boxes that break after limited use!

Our 7 Day Med Manager XL will provide you with a long useful product life and has design features that we know you’ll love. Included are 7 extra-large daily pill holders (SUN-SAT) that store in a space saving countertop canister. Four XL sized compartments – MORN, NOON, EVE, BED (see images for sizes). This pill organizer is intended for persons requiring greater storage capacity for dietary supplements and medications. Compact, convenient, and easy to use.

• ✔ QUALITY – Low cost pill reminders have lids with “living hinges” that crack and break after a short amount of use. Our lids are separate parts that connect with durable ball and socket hinge features. Our weekly pill organizer will have a long useful life, save you money over time, and help the environment by keeping plastic out of landfills.

• ✔ DURABILITY  – Large embossed lettering, molded directly into the parts indicating day and dosage times, will last years of hand washing. No risk of printed ink wearing off – typical in lower quality pill boxes.

• ✔  EASE OF USE – Filling the compartments is quick and easy with lids that swing open fully and stay out of your way.

• ✔ RELIABILITY – With lower cost pill planners, the lids don’t fasten securely. Our lids have a positive closure and reliably stay shut. Feel confident taking them on the go – in your purse or pack – as they are less likely to accidentally spill open. Stored in our covered canister, meds and vitamins will stay fresher longer with minimal exposure to air and humidity.

• ✔ SAFETY – Manufactured with BPA, Phthalate, and Lead Free virgin materials. Our medication boxes use food grade polypropylene.

Quality, Durability, and Convenience are what you’ll find when you purchase the 7-Day MED Manager XL.

Our Med Manager Large is similar but more compact in design and has smaller compartments. Just want one XXL Jumbo organizer with 7 compartments? Med Manager Weekly has 7 extra large compartments that should easily hold your days worth of medicine. Pill Pod 7 Day Secure is the right choice if you have children in your home and want to make sure your medications are secure to prevent accidental poisoning. Likewise it can help prevent pill theft and drug abuse from initiating with medications.