Pill Pod 7 Day Secure Child Proof Medicine Lock Box Opened



  • Medication lock box / child-resistant drug lock box : weight 10.8 ounces; materials: container, impact resistant ABS polymer; organizer: food grade polypropylene
  • Outer dimensions: 3.25” width x 2.5” depth x 11-3/4” height
  • Inside capacity dimensions: 3” width x 2.25” depth x 9.5 height
  • Can secure a maximum of (6) -13 Dram vials, (2) -40 Dram vials, or (1) -60 Dram vials. Can also accept some liquid cough syrup bottles.  Storage capacity will depend upon mix of bottle sizes.
  • Maximum bottle diameter it can accept is 2-1/4″.
  • Also can store insulin supplies & may be kept refrigerated.
  • Organizer is produced in non-toxic food grade polypropylene, BPA-free.
  • Each compartment can accept a 30 day supply of most standard sized pills.

Medication lock box Features:

  • Key-less entry
  • Child-resistant / Senior Friendly
  • Preset combination / no set up required
  • Pick resistant tumblers, security feature
  • Durable container construction – no hinges that can easily break
  • Tamper evident
  • Portable size for travel use


  • Pill Pod 7-Day Secure ™ medication lock box has been designed as a deterrent to unauthorized access of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as for poison prevention.
  • It is manufactured in strong, durable, impact resistant ABS polymer.
  • Pill Pod 7-Day Secure™ is neither “unbreakable” nor should it be considered a high security Rx drug safe or narcotics vault.
  • It provides a moderate level security, child resistant, and is intended for use where no pre-existing drug addiction or theft problem is present.


  • This unique patented device was engineered “on a clean sheet of paper.”
  • Pill Pod 7-Day Secure ™ locking pill organizer is a fresh approach and completely new design safeguarding your medications.
  • It bears little resemblance to and functions differently than a traditional rectangular hinged drug lock box.


  • Provides simple and easy to use child-resistant security and includes our extra large pill organizer.
  • Restricts access to pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana, and cannabis edibles by unauthorized persons.
  • Provides easy and convenient use for the prescribed patient.
  • Accepts various sizes of Rx pill vials, insulin, syringes, and packaged items.
  • No keys to misplace or loose. Locking mechanism has built in pick resistant features.
  • Tamper evident construction – any attempted break-in can be easily identified.
  • Engineered utilizing structural plastics design for maximum strength and durability.
  • Provides an economical / affordable solution for use in every home.
  • Provides a fresh modern industrial design that integrates well with bathroom and kitchen décors
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