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Pill Pod 7-Day Secure ™ locking pill organizer is an affordable, convenient, and easy to use medication safety solution for every home. Our child resistant pill organizer / drug lock box provides peace of mind and keeps pill organizers / minders, Rx drug vials, as well as cannabis and edibles / gummies, from falling into the wrong hands. If you have prescription drugs or cannabis products in your home, you need to secure them in a medication lock box, Pill Pod 7-Day Secure ™ is the solution – where “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – lock up your Rx medications and cannabis products in a child resistant pill organizer. No product can ever be considered child proof. Our Rx lock box / cannabis lock box is an affordable solution for use in every home. California law, Assembly Bill No. 2859, requires pharmacies that dispense Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances to display and have available safe storage products.

Distribution of medication lock boxes into communities for safe storage of medications at home can play an important role in opioid abatement efforts and strategies for education – as mentioned in EXHIBIT E List of Opioid Remediation Uses. In terms of prevention, while medications are in use, the use of a medication lock box is equally as important as safe disposal. Safe storage is an important component of evidence-based prevention solutions.

Pill Pod qualifies as a locking storage container that can be offered to meet this requirement. According to Nation Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 75% of prescription abusers receive the drugs from a friend, relative, or healthcare provider. Approximately 35,000 emergency department (ED) visits result from unintentional medication overdoses among children under the age of 5. In many instances, medications had been removed from child-resistant packaging and placed into pill organizers. Recognizing the problem and need for a product solution, 4Thought Products has launched Pill Pod 7 Day Secure.

Pill Pod 7-Day Secure™ child-resistant pill organizer accommodates our extra large pill 7 day pill organizer and can help prevent accidental poisoning of children. It acts also to help prevent drug diversion is a simple and effective solution to prevent problems from initiating. If however, you have someone with an existing addiction living in your home, this may not be the proper product for your needs. This medication lock box was intentionally designed without mounting features – which allows you the freedom to store it, move it, or hide it wherever you like. Unfortunately no drug lock box on the market, including this one, (even ones with mounting screws, strong adhesive tape, or steel cables, etc.) – will prevent an addict or thief from tearing it out, prying it open, or removing the box altogether to get drugs they want. If this is your situation, you many need invest in and install a regular high security steel safe –something solidly anchored into the floor boards. Trying to hide your drugs (as opposed to leaving them open in the medicine cabinet) is better than doing nothing at all, but is not an effective solution as an addict will eventually seek out and find them.

$26 billion from multi-district litigation (MDL) settlement funds is now being made available to all 50 states at state, county, and city levels. Pill Pod 7 Day secure is an evidence-based prevention tool that is an eligible expense for these funds. Investing in a community medication safe storage campaign is a cost-effective way to raise awareness about the risks of accidental child poisoning and to prevent misuse, theft, and overdoses.

“Keepin’ it Real” … simple that is

We kept the end user in mind. Pill Pod 7-Day Secure™ locking pill organizer is so simple to use that it needs no instruction sheet. It comes ready to use with no setup required. Like a padlock, Pill Pod combination locking container comes with a random, preset, 4-digit code assigned and provided on the outer label. With the combination aligned beneath the marker, you can slide out the tray. That’s it! There is something elegant about simplicity, don’t you agree? Our tumblers have large, easy to read, numbers that rotate easily – important for those with vision impairment, arthritis, or dexterity problems. Its compact size allows it to store it where you find convenient, or take along when traveling.


Pill Pod 7-Day Secure™ (with US Utility Patents) has been engineered with and uses thicker wall, high grade / impact resistant ABS plastic that provides an effective and affordable product solution. Don’t be “put off” by plastic, thinking that it might lack security or strength, as appearances can be deceiving. It has substantially better security than aluminum drug lock boxes.


The number of bottles it can secure depends on bottle sizes. If all are small bottles (13 dram), it can hold up to 6. With a typical mix of bottle sizes in can generally hold 3 to 5. It can also accept some liquid cough syrup bottles as well as insulin supplies. It can be stored in a refrigerator. Alternatively, you could use it as a portable locking medicine chest. Each of the extra large compartments can easily hold more than a 30 day supply of most pills, meaning that you could store and safely travel with a months supply of 7 different medications!

Half of all accidental medicine poisonings involve children getting into medicines with a child-resistant cap.


How Safe are Child-Resistant Safety Caps – Study by Safe Kids Worldwide


Edibles… and You Think Joe Camel was a Bad Idea?

Maybe you don’t have risk of children in your home who would access your medications. Likewise you might not have a risk of outsiders potentially accessing them. If a standard pill organizer is all you need, we have three high quality products. Med Manager Large has 7 daily containers for a week, each container has four dosage compartments morning, noon, evening, and bed. Our Med Manager XL is similar in design but has even larger compartments. Maybe you just need one XXL Jumbo organizer with single day compartments? Med Manager Weekly has 7 really large compartments (SUN-SAT) that should easily hold your days worth of medicine.